What Is Foster Care?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to a child that is no longer being cared for at home? When a child is no longer able to receive adequate needed care there are several options that can be given to that child. One of these options is placing the child in foster care. In foster care the children are the individuals who are oppressed and in need of social justice. Many individuals might view foster care negatively because it isn’t always perceived the best in the media. Other individuals don’t know what foster care is about, so they just go by what others say. In this paper you were learn about the foster care system and what society can do to improve it. What Foster Care Is Foster care is a temporary placement that is planned for minors who…show more content…
Different types of foster care include urgent, kinship, short term, long term, and respite. There are a few others, but these are the most common. Urgent foster care is when there is an unplanned emergency placement (Nelson, 1992). In kinship foster care the foster family is in a program that has had formal kinship arrangements (Nelson, 1992). Meaning the family knows the child and they have had training, education, and professional help to best suit the child’s needs (Nelson, 1992). Short term foster care refers to a foster care family that’s is going to keep the foster care child for a short time period because there has been progress in the process of permanent placement (Nelson, 1992). Long term foster care on the other hand is when the foster family plans to have the child for a long period of time because there situation requires them to stay for a longer term (Nelson, 1992). The last type of foster care is respite. This is the type of foster care that is very short term and is usually done to give the original foster care parents a break (Nelson,…show more content…
This is a system in which children must be removed from their homes because of child safety reasons (Overview, 2013). Before the decision is made to take a child away from their home children welfare service has to try to do everything in their power to help the child stay in their home (Overview, 2013). This is done through supports and services of the children welfare system. However, if the child continues to be in danger then they are removed with foster relatives or foster parents that are not related to

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