What Is Food Security?

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There is increasing concern that food manufacturers tend to use illegal addictive and not permitted addictive to make profits, especially in some developing countries in which lack of through laws and regulations. It is true that food additive could be a major issue in food security, but food security has many aspects, such as the environment which the food material be produced, and the ways of processing and transportation. Due to its complexity, it could be a challenge to give a perfect definition of food security. In this essay, I will try to find out several definitions and make a summary of them, and illustrate the value of researching food security, to both people and the society.
The definition of food security
Research shows that food
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National food security is by some means of “self-sufficiency” that country to produce the food it needs, or to meet the needs of its population. At the national and global levels of food security tend to focus on the use of the food supply side of the equation. The question was: Is there enough food available, given that food is commonly understood as dietary energy? But the availability and access to sufficient calories do not guarantee a healthy and nutritious diet. It is widely accepted by researchers and practicians in mid-1970s, as Kannan showed that food security is not limited to the production, availability, and demand for food. In fact, it is a problem of “the ability to access food for all the people at all times to lead a healthy life”. (Kannan et al., 2000) This definition was later enlarged with nutritional value and food preferences contained in FAO. Thus, in 1996, the World Food Summit provided a definition, food security exists “when all people, at all times” have access to “sufficient, safe and nutritious food and meet dietary needs and food preferences for a healthy and active life”. (Pinstrup-Andersen P,…show more content…
In my point of view, it is the most significant case for why food security is important. Because the choice and consumption of food by customers is the last process in the entire food industry. If customers could not make the right choice for healthy food, the whole hard-work done before the food being sold is totally wasted. The efforts of food industry would make no sense if customers do not choose their products since they believe the quality of food industry is not as good as the food provided by personal sellers. Hence, researchers in food security truly should pay more attention to this aspect rather than merely considering the production of

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