What Is Fluid Intelligence And Accumulated Intelligence?

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Scientists have always had an idea of how our brains function and how fast they figure out problems, but recently Scientists have researching more on how Cognitive Processes work. In these studies Scientists have discovered that two types of Intelligences exist Fluid Intelligence and Accumulated Intelligence, they have also discovered a set of Cognitive abilities that affect these Intelligences. Recently I took part in a study for my cousin Thomas who is studying Psychology for the University Of Utah. I was asked to log into a computer and was asked to complete a bunch of problems and simple memory games like which color appeared first to more complicated questions that required me to remember faces and the name of the person the face belonged…show more content…
The first cognitive ability is Fluid reasoning also known as Fluid Intelligence is our mind’s ability to figure out a situation and then to think quickly and process an answer to that situation, this ability also applies to long term memory as well. He continued to tell me cognitive abilities are brain based skills we use to perform simple tasks to more difficult ones. They are closely related to how we learn, remember things, solve problems and pay attention rather than with any prior knowledge to the subject. He also explained that there are 7 main cognitive functions perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language, visual, spatial processing and executive functions he told me I will only go into detail on the important ones. Perception is our response to things we recognize and interpret like our sense of smell. Attention is one’s capacity to maintain concentration on an object action or thought. Memory is the ability to remember long term and short term
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