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Flash Animation Did you ever watched the video animation? Nowadays, technological sophistication able to improve all aspects of life. And the learning process also included especially English Language Teaching(ELT).As foreign language, English is difficult subject by students in Indonesia. Therefore, Teachers need some aids to help both students and teachers, in other words teachers need a quick way in order to students can received and understand. And the students also want to learn way more interesting and not boring. One of the aids which can be obtained by teachers is a Flash animation. Flash animation or cartoon itself has the meaning a series of drawings that tell a story which is created by animation software or Adobe flash. The form…show more content…
More specifically to the teaching and learning process in the classroom, students love learning atmosphere more lively or build enthusiasm for learning, active, it means that teachers and students have the same liveliness or able to interact well. interesting and not boring. for it with flash animation teachers can draw student’s attention because the picture or cartoon that is in the video can make students currious about what happens in the video flash animation that students watched. For example, video flash animation about Mr.Bean’s activity that contained knowledge can make students laughing with all the funny things in the video, it means that students respect and understand what the happen or problem in the video. because with a good interaction the students got new motivation or inspiration. For example, after watching the video flash animation students got the inspiration to make a video about learning English but with a different subject or content and it was useful to share information with other…show more content…
Before explaining further. people need to know first what is critical thinking. Critical thinking is brain respect when the students watching flash animation. There are subject, content or problem that looked and the students required to analyze it, taking notes, answer the question, take the conclusion, evaluation, moreover the students be expected to repeated apply the video based on the student’s skill.(Beyer;1995). As the way for teacher can know what the students think about the problem or contain in the video, teachers can ask students to tell or write the results after students watching the video. it is like ask the conclusion, notes, or explain again about the problem in the video flash animation. When the students critical to one problem it is must clear, not to deviate from what is and have logical reasons. If students are able to think critically and do what is requested it means that teacher success in applying science or reach the goal. As capable and successful, students will be faced with a more difficult or content and it is able to improve student’s critical thinking because their brains are already able to

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