What Is Family And Community Engagement?

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Standard III: Family and Community Engagement. The teacher promotes the learning and growth of all students through effective partnerships with families, caregivers, community members, and organizations. I have attended IEP meetings where parents ,therapists and teachers plan goals and objectives for the IPE year to promote growth and learning of the student.I have attended Trauma workshops after school which provided me with insight into how trauma affects student learning and how to promote better learning for the students who deal with trauma.( April 5 Trauma Conference) On a daily basis I or my staff communicate with some parents and caretakers pertaining to how the student did during the day and things that may help them at home. We also talk about what skills the students do at school that can be incorporated in the home. (cooking / cleaning tasks) I participated in the September Holyoke Honor Roll where I talked about the Peer Skating Program and how it helps the growth of both regular education and special needs students.A former students of mine also talked about his experience in the skating program. Indicator III-A. Engagement: Welcomes and encourages every family to become active participants…show more content…
Notices are sent in both English and Spanish. I try to speak Spanish when talking to my Spanish parents if I am not understood I will have a para professional translate for me. I also attended the PD on communication in Spanish to parents. This was an excellent PD because teachers got to practice communication with their peers in Spanish and could also use a script of various situations to help them communicate.Although , I am able to do some basic communication in Spanish I am far from fluent and could use more Spanish
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