What Is Employee Well-Being

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In recent times, the link between how managements organisational philosophy, leadership style, and critical assessment of HRM policies, are inextricably linked to employee well-being, has grown significantly. Studies on the relation between work and perceived well-being that attribute employee well-being to characteristics of the work environment have existed for decades (Gregersen, Nienhaus & Vincent – Hoper, 2014). The role of management in employee well-being is far ranging and can be influenced by many factors at a management level. This essay will focus on three key areas that are directly associated with management and employee well-being. However, before exploring the role of management in employee well-being, it’s necessary to briefly examine what exactly employee well-being is. Employee well-being can be defined as representing the physical, mental, and emotional facets of employee health, synergistically acting to affect individuals in a complex…show more content…
The nature and effects, of leadership remain one of the most researched topics in an organisational behaviour (Das, Kelloway, McKee & Weigand (2013). Leadership style, and managements exhibited behaviours, can have both significant and substantial effect levels on employee engagement, productivity, ???????? (reference)……… well-being. Leaders behaviours, such as support, empowerment and high quality leadership between leaders and their employees are affective in positively influencing employee well-being (Schaufeli & Enzman, 1998). There are many and varied leadership styles, theories and perspectives. Leadership styles refer to sets of behaviours that a leader employ to influence the behaviours of subordinates

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