What Is Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional Intelligence differs from traditional conceptions of intelligence in that emotional intelligence allows us to reason with emotions and enhance our thinking and problem solving. Whereas intelligence is ones intellectual capacity and ability to process and sort through different information. Emotional intelligence involves accurately perceiving emotions in self and/or others, using emotions to assist thinking, understanding emotions and their meaning, and the managing of emotions. (Mayer, Caruso, & Salovey, 2000). Intelligence deals with more technical and analytical problem solving and reasoning rather than emotions. I searched the internet and found an emotional intelligence test that consisted of 146 questions. My score on the…show more content…
An emotionally intelligent person according to psychologist Daniel Goleman (Finkle, 2013), there are five elements in emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. A leader who is personal and approachable to others leads best in my opinion. A leader who recognizes and can sympathize with others also motivates those around him/her. If people feel that their supervisor, manager, and or director understand him/her they are more likely to be motivated to be the best employee they can be. I would attest to that statement from personal experience. I feel much more motivated as an employee when I feel my boss respects and understands my feelings. I have experienced situations where I have felt unappreciated, unimportant and the company sees itself more important than my own well-being and the well-being of any employee for that matter. For example, I was in a situation where I was sick and on my day off went to the Dr. who ordered tests. I called my boss, explained the situation, and told him my Dr. needed me to come to an appointment first thing in the morning. I had arranged my own work coverage for the morning, but I expected to return to work after my appointment. The following day I went to my appointment. My Dr. informed me I should not go back to work. I promptly called my boss, let him know the situation, and I asked if my absence would count against me, even though my co-worker agreed to stay for the remainder of the day. He stated that I would receive a point against my attendance due to not informing him 48 hours in advance of my

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