What Is Electromagnetic Wave?

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Electromagnetic Wave

1.Definition of Electromagnetic Waves.

Electromagnetic waves are waves that can propagate even though there is no medium. A magnetic field that changes with time can generate an electric field that also changes with time, and an electric field that changes with time can also produce a magnetic field. If the process is continuous it will produce a magnetic field and electric field continuously. If these magnetic fields and electric fields simultaneously propagate (spread) in space in all directions then this is a symptom of the wave. Such a wave is called an electromagnetic wave because it consists of an electric field and a magnetic field that travels in space.

Electromagnetic energy propagates in waves with several …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that v = speed (m / dt) free space.
  • Explains that cosmic rays are radiation from high-energy charged particles that originate outside the earth's atmosphere. they can be electrons, protons, and even nuclei.
  • Explains that large-wavelength rays, radio and infrared waves, have lower frequency and energy levels, whereas small wavelength
  • Explains that the direction of propagation cannot be deflected in the electric and magnetic fields.
  • Explains that james clerk maxwell's opinion suggests that other electromagnetic waves, in contrast to light visible to the eye within he has wavelength and frequency, could exist.
  • Explains that the firing of electrons in a vacuum tube produces x-rays.
  • Explains that electromagnetic waves are waves that can propagate even though there is no medium.
  • Explains that electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric fields and magnetic fields that oscillate and propagate through space.

The higher the energy level in an energy source, the lower the wavelength of the energy produced, and the higher the frequency. Differences in wave energy characteristics are used to classify electromagnetic energy.

Electromagnetic waves are factors of wavelength, frequency and speed of electromagnetic wave propagation or the relationship between rapid propagation of vapors that can propagate in a vacuum by multiplying the wavelength and its frequency. Equation of Electromagnetic Waves The equation is:

V = …show more content…

Wire time (or panghantar such as an antenna) conducts alternating current, electromagnetic radiation is propagated at the same frequency as the electric current. Depending on the situation, electromagnetic waves can be waves or like particles. As a wave, characterized by speed (speed of light), wavelength, and frequency. When considered as particles, they are known as photons, and each has an energy associated with the frequency of the waveform shown by the Planck relationship E = Hν, where E is the photon energy, h is the Planck constant - 6.626 × 10 -34 J · s - and ν is the frequency of the

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