What Is Effective Reading Imprehension?

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Developing students’ reading abilities is a highly important aspect of teaching. While children usually receive their first introduction to literacy in the home, schools and teachers have the responsibility to refine ability and craft a competent reader. There are a wide variety of methods and theories regarding teaching reading, therefore it can be difficult to know which method to follow. Considerable research has been conducted around the methods of teacher reading and there is strong evidence that suggests that effective reading instruction, through explicit and systematically taught skills and strategies, is most beneficial. Effective reading instruction, which focuses on key reading strategies and skills, should be utilised by teachers,…show more content…
There are a broad number of methods available to teachers, and each situation and student may require differentiated instruction (Marsh, 2010). The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) (2010) states that phonics is a fundamental first skill in learning to read. Correspondingly, the NTDET (2010) stresses that systematically teaching students phonics awareness is pivotal in teaching students to read. Besides phonics teaching, the NTDET stress that comprehension is a vital aspect of reading to teach students (2010). The Ofsted report goes on to highlight that learning phonics is a key first step in being able to decode print, another useful reading…show more content…
One way to pass on specific reading skills is through guided reading groups. This learning activity gives students the opportunity to develop their comprehension, reading fluency, and word recognition, while also providing an effective method of differentiating the curriculum to suit various student reading abilities (Bayetto, 2013). Guided reading programs are not only useful for improving students’ reading abilities, but will also provide useful data for teachers when planning class programs. It needs to be emphasised that running effective guided reading groups is a complex process which requires strong teacher scaffolding and prior knowledge and consideration of students’ abilities (Department for Education and Child Development (DECD),
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