What Is Depression Essay

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Depression is a very common mental disorder that anyone can have. There are many causes, risks, and symptoms. Different types of depression means there will be different kinds of treatments. Depression can be a very dangerous disorder. Untreated clinical depression is a very serious problem. It can lead to drug and alcohol addiction. It can also bring you problems at your job and ruin relationships. Depression can really affect a person’s life. Roughly over 20 million people have depression even though women are two times more likely to suffer from it than men. It is an interrelationship between depression and physical health. Depression does not discriminate, it does not care about age, race, gender, social position or anything else. It is…show more content…
They feel sad most of them time, unhappy, and empty. People with depression have angry outbursts and get frustrated over unimportant things. Have no energy, feel worthless or guilty for something. Suicidal thoughts, or attempts should be a stopping point for the person to decide to get help or at least try to talk to somebody they trust. Headaches and back pain are also part of unexplained physical problems that depressed people start to feel. Changes in appetite may mean excessive weight loss for some and some become obese. Not getting treatment for this disorder may be life threatening. That’s when all the attempts of suicide and the suicidal thoughts start to happen. Untreated clinical depression can cause a lot of suffering. Many of those who go to the doctor for help and tell them the symptoms that they are feeling are often not diagnosed and do not get treatment for their illness. People with suicidal thoughts should be taken very seriously especially if they have already attempted taking their own life away. Depression is a serious illness and those who do suffer from it need help. Some people fake having depression for who knows what reasons. Maybe they just want attention, but either way it is not something someone should play around with. People who are depressed feel that life has no meaning. Nothing seems to make them happy or cheer them up in any form. Those who are not diagnosed live…show more content…
Seasonal pattern seems to be the most common kind since it has to do with the changes of seasons and also to not having enough sunlight. Another is peripartum onset which is also known as postpartum which occurs during pregnancy or a few months or weeks after having delivered. Psychotic features has to do with a depression that involves delusions and/or hallucinations. People with atypical features have the ability to be cheered up by happy events and they run on little sleep. They also are very sensitive. Anxious distress causes people to have unusual restlessness or worry too much. Mixed features is simultaneous with depression and mania. That is when someone talks too much and is racing thoughts and ideas. Melancholic features leaves them with a lack of response to something that used to bring them happiness. Worsened mood and a sluggish feeling. Those who suffer from depression can look for help but those who do not suffer from it, there is no sure way of preventing it. There are things that can be done to try to prevent it. Like taking steps to control stress. Also reach out to family and friends or anybody they trust. Treatment at the earliest stages of depression can help even more with getting rid of depression. Long-term maintenance treatment is something that should be considered for those with depression. Learning to recognize the symptoms can help alert the doctor so that they can get treatment.
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