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Sexual Harassment and Dating Violence It’s easy for sexual harassment and relationship violence to be dismissed as only “adult” issues. On the contrary, these problems have proven to be pervasive in both junior and senior high schools. Although statistics show that “nearly half of students are sexually harassed in school” (Koebler, 2011), sexual harassment and dating violence are not being appropriately addressed in schools and are in essence, being shoved under the table. These are not fleeting issues, because sexual harassment and domestic violence can be particularly harmful to victims and have long-lasting, detrimental effects. One senior girl at Hoover High School said she has experienced sexual harassment and dating violence first hand,…show more content…
This harassment can be verbal, mental, or physical. Indirect sexual harassment includes lingering stares and hushed conversations about a witness or about an on looker while direct sexual harassment includes physical interactions and direct verbal requests. According to the survey, “Nearly Half of Students Sexually Harassed in School,” by Jason Koebler, “…according to the report, 87 percent reported detrimental effects from the harassment. A third of harassed students said they did not want to attend school.” (Koebler, 2011). Dating violence is sexual, physical, and emotional abuse that occurs between two individuals in a romantic relationship. Indirect dating violence is often subconscious conditioning to where the victim believes that they are deserving of this violence or believe that it is their fault whereas direct dating violence can often be aggressive physical or sexual abuse. “A 2005 study by the centers for disease control and prevention found that of 6,888 high school students nationally, I in 11 had been hit, slapped or punched by an intimate partner.” (Burleigh). Dating violence, especially in teens, stems from a lack of consent which can lead to a cycle of violence. Effects of these problems can include the victims having actual, physical injuries that can be seen by the naked-eye or, although equally as severe, wounds that can’t be seen by just looking at a victim. These injuries are possibly even more damaging because they are more difficult to heal, and are characterized by the mental and emotional pains experienced by victims on a wide-ranging scale. The most concerning part about sexual harassment and dating violence is that the abuser can be anyone: a close-friend or significant other, a boss or coworker, or even a total stranger. There is no real definition of who can be a harasser or abuser, because at any time in a victim’s

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