What Is Corrosion?

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Corrosion Corrosion is caused by the degradation or the deterioration of metals. It usually occurs when a chemical reaction takes place within the metal from its surroundings. Corrosion mainly occurs in metals but there is a possibility of other materials being able to corrode or disintegrate. It is an oxidation reaction. Metals such as iron and steel corrode but non-reactive metals do not corrode. These consist of: • Gold • Platinum • Mercury Corrosion is an electrochemical reaction, just like in an electrolyte electrons are moving from the anode to the cathode, corrosion in a metal object acts the same way. It is a reaction involving electrons. Problems associated with corrosion 1. Aircraft corrosion Aircrafts are mainly made of metals,…show more content…
Take a hydrostatic sterilizer for example in which the flight bars and chains are made from aluminum, stainless steel or even carbon steel. These metals are surrounded by moist conditions in the form of steam or hot water. Once corroded, replacing the chains and bars is extremely expensive in the food industry. Both of these metals act as a cathode and an…show more content…
In electroplating the flow of current is used to coat one metal with another such as copper with silver or gold. This is done when electric current is passes through a solution (electrolyte). When two electrodes are connected to a power supply in the form of a circuit, current or electricity is carried through the power supply, there is a splitting in the electrolyte and atoms from the metal that are in the solution are carried to the top of one of the electrodes. This is called electroplating and is used on many metals to prevent corrosion from occurring. Both of the materials must be conductors in order for current to be carried through. Electroplating is also known as

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