What Is Confederate Emancipation?

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Confederate Emancipation is a book by Bruce Levine that examines three topics during the Civil War; the Confederate opposition towards arming slaves up until the end of the war, a majority of slaves that had the opportunity to escape did so, and the freedom that slaves were being promised in exchange for fighting would be taken away as soon as the war was over. The book is broken down into sections that follow the series of events in attempt to emancipate slaves in exchange for their service to the Confederacy. As the Confederates began to realize that their hopes of winning the war were being destroyed, they started to turn towards freeing their slaves to gain more men in arms. Even when slaves were given the opportunity to fight, most…show more content…
Slave labor was an essential factor in contributing to the war effort. They were used to do things such as mine iron ore, coal, salt, and saltpeter. They also made nails, bridles, collars, guns, ammunition, and performed other tasks (62). Claims were made by many newspapers that slaves had values and placed loyalty to their masters. Southerners slowly began to realize that this was not true and they needed to reevaluate their plans. Slaves were able to influence Union political and military leaders to alter their thinking towards the institution, this is how people like Benjamin Butler became liberators. The Confederates began to realize that the only way they could hope to gain the African support would be to promise…show more content…
Basically, many people had changed their minds because of the turn the war had taken, the Union victory was almost inevitable by now and arming slaves was the Confederacy’s last hope. Once Congress, hopefully, passed the plan, they had to gain the support of the plantation owners to give up their prize property. Finally, white soldiers would have to tolerate serving beside black troops. White soldiers would not place trust in black soldiers and would want to ensure domination over them. These were all significant hurdles the Davis Administration would face in obtaining slaves to
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