What Is Common Core Standards?

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Introduction The current issue affecting education today is the introduction of The Common Core State Standards. Common Core State Standards are academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA) it outlines what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level. Louisiana adopted the common core standards on July 1, 2010. However, the standards were not fully implemented until the 2013-2014 school year. The topic of Common Core was chosen because it affects teachers and student 's as a whole. While many see Common Core as a hindrance many see it as an opportunity for their children to reach their full potential. Many schools struggled with how to go about teaching all the new information to…show more content…
Texas officials stated that their standards (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) were better than the common core state standards so they decided not to adopt common core for their state. This decision could harm students when it comes to taking the ACT,SAT, or AP exams because these test are being aligned to the common core standards. Students will have to know some of the common core in order to be prepared to take these test. Minnesota is the only state who choose to adopt only part of the common core state standards into their curriculum. Minnesota only choose to adopt the ELA standards from common core. Education commissioner Brenda Cassellius “felt that ours were more rigorous and matched where kids were mastering those (skills) in their content areas.”(Weber) When asked if she felt that her math standards were up to par Cassellius stated “we had already gone through revising our standards to be college and career ready; they had worked on that extensively, in terms of having that focus be on mastery. And so they wanted to stick with what they were doing and they felt good about what they were doing and they felt good about the direction they were going, in terms of rigor in the standards. And Minnesota is second in the nation in math scores, so we do pretty well with our math and our teachers have adhered to those standards and have been working pretty diligently on them, in terms of their…show more content…
It gives student 's the opportunities that they never would have had before. The standards level the playing field for all student 's to ensure they can receive a proper and far education no matter where they attend public school. These standards bridge a gap that has long been waiting to be filled in our education system for the past decade or so. This assignment solidified my thoughts on how the standards of Common Core are fine, but the testing of the standards needs to be improved. The misconception that Common Core is to difficult for students stems from the fact that no one ever sat down with parents to explain what the standards are and how they would be implemented. This change in the education system has had a huge impact on the debate of should the government be in control of how we as a community educate our
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