What Is Brand Uniqueity Related To Human Personality?

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Introduction Companies like Harley-Davidson have been around for years. Harley has been able to have a uniqueness about their brand. Harley is different from other motorcycle companies. Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a particular personality regarding the brand. Companies like Harley-Davidson and other power companies have built a meaningful relationship with brand personality. This paper will be discussing brand personality how it is related to human personality. Is brand personality part of self-concept? Why do consumers make purchases? This paper will discuss why it important that companies build a brand personality. Kumar et al. (2006) explained that brands need to be different. All brands should be different, and…show more content…
Lee and Kang (2013) argues that the brand and human personality are not the same. Lee and Kang (2013) infer a brand concept is one that consumers have created, and the human personality traits come from an individual trait. As opposed to Aaker (1997) implies each brand have the tendency to be humanized, and this will create a relationship with the consumer. Aaker (1997) list five attributes in brand personality; sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. These characteristics contribute to brand personality. Milewicz and Herbig (1994) state the primary focus is for the brands to provide a symbolic meaning to the brand. That meaning will give assistance for the consumer to recognize the name, and help with the decision-making process. Malewicz and Herbig (1994) further states brands will develop a personality, and this will determine that the consumer feels like the product is consistent with their image and their needs. One of the advantages of the brand name with a good reputation can help a firm overall status (Malewicz & Herbig,…show more content…
It has been found that consumers will make a purchase based on self, social status and based on their personality. It will be advantageous for companies to try to establish a brand personality for that product. Having a brand personality will develop a relationship with the consumer and the business. It appears that a company must continue to create a personality for their product. This will set them apart from other brands if the product has a
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