What Is Black Lives Matter Essay

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Black Lives Matter Growing up, I never fully experienced or witnessed racial discrimination. It was not until 2016 when I completely realized that racial discrimination is still very much alive. There is a huge movement happening called Black Lives Matter. This movement is a “…chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life” (About Black Lives Matter Network par 1). I am very passionate about this organization because I am half African American, and I hate seeing my race dying over careless acts and not getting the justice they deserve. Black Lives Matter was created in 2012 after the Trayvon Martin case. Trayvon was a teenage black male who was unnecessarily killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida. The shooter shot Trayvon due to “suspicious” behavior in their neighborhood which led to an argument and then Trayvon was shot in the chest. What was so suspicious about Trayvon? Was it his skin color? Since then, Black Lives Matter has been growing in supporters especially for all the police brutality that has been happening in 2016. Black Lives Matter as an organization need more support because not enough people realize that there is a problem with racial discrimination towards African American people in today’s society.
African American people are getting killed by cops too often for people not to suspect anything. In 2016 alone, “Police have killed one hundred and sixty black people…” (Mapping
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People can argue that white people get killed by police but more but, thirty percent of unarmed African American victims were killed by police in 2015, compared to sixteen percent of unarmed white victims. Where is the equality? Because I do not see
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