What Is Biopharmaceutical Innovation: Benefits And Challenges?

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Biopharmaceutical innovation: Benefits and challenges

Abstract In our modern world there is an urgent need for new discoveries and development in bio drugs field. It is obviously remarkable that the continuous development and appearance of viruses and microbes and the emergence of different types of diseases pushes both the science-technology and biopharmaceutical sectors to collaborate with each other to innovate and develop new bio drugs to face this dilemma and serve the interest of all mankind healthcare, lead to an increase in the lifetime expectancy, good fast cure, facilitate the patient’s life in different sectors. Indeed the biopharmaceutical innovation is facing a lot of challenges and confronting several difficulties before
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For instance, as we know every bio drugs goes through many stages before the marketing , Among these stages is the clinical stages, this new medicines should be tested on the animal sample before being marketed , sometimes there are a shortage and lack of this animal samples because there are some associations and Animal Rights Authority which consider the use of some animals in clinical tests or other scientific purpose can torture and give pain to that animals and consider this as an unethical issue, this resulting the rise of use human sample during doing clinical tests, this is a big challenge which the biopharmaceutical innovation is facing…show more content…
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