What Is Beauty?

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What Is Beauty?

There are a number of perceptions on the idea of beauty. To narrow down this broad subject, one must view a plethora of information on the definition of beauty. In today's society scientists have included a number of statistics about how the real world views a person. However, these studies show that society can be harsh on the concept of beauty when criticizing a person on how they look on the outside.

In a 2008 Dove article entitled "Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Report on the State of Self-Esteem", the article asserts that girls take how they and other people view them very seriously which lead to drastic measures such as wrist cutting or starving themselves. The article clearly states many statistics on what teenagers may come to do when they are overcome with low self-esteem. The author's purpose is to display how "low self-esteem significantly impacts girls' overall feelings about their own beauty" and how they cope with it. Society must integrate this matter into one’s own mind due to the many consequences that may sabotage a person’s self-esteem. In fact, the Dove fund was developed to give "an indicator of self-esteem encompassing an overall sense of self-acceptance, confidence and emotional orientation among American girls". Indication that this issue affects more percentages of teenage girls, the article expresses how essential it is to pay attention to their feelings and emotions when it comes to their self-esteem.

Next, Dan Eden, for Viewzone, in his article "What Makes Us Attractive?" (2009), claims that society tend to dote¬¬¬¬ upon attractive people than their "lower" counterparts. He applies a scientific approach towards the statistics by including ratios and comparisons. Ed...

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...y society views a person can leave them harrowed or self-conscious about their image. Beauty should not be about how one looks on the outside, but about how it portrays someone as a person. Therefore, the concept of beauty should not even be reiterated about how it is only a matter on what people look on the outside.

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