What Is Anthropologist At Work: Careers Making A Difference?

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For this summary, I watched a video on YouTube called “Anthropologist at Work: Careers Making a Difference.” In the introduction the video asks in a basic sense, what do Anthropologist do? When I think about what an anthropologist does, I think of things like digging up tombs, uncovering bones, and looking at artifacts to understand the past of humans. According to Elizabeth K. Briody, an anthropologist at General Motors Corporation “in the most basic terms anthropology is the study of humans, humans in every place and time, past and present. (.40 sec)” The video then goes into more depth about what anthropologist look at like material remains when working. As the video moves on it talks about how a lot of anthropologist work in the educational…show more content…
Physical anthropology is the study of humans. In the video, it talks about how most physical anthropologists work in an educational setting but that is not always true for most. One physical anthropologist that is in the video is Michael L. Blakey who teaches at Harvard University. While he is speaking in the video he talks about how he teaches, volunteers and does important work with preserving important finds. He was involved in African burial ground that was discovered in lower Manhattan. His job at the site helped make sure that the bones and artifacts found were saved from being destroyed by developers. Even though he is a physical anthropologist every other subfield comes into work when anthropological work is being done. Next, the video does an interview with Douglas H. Ubelaker a forensic anthropologist. Throughout his part, in the video, he talks about being a forensic anthropologist. His job is interesting because he works with bones that have been found from a few years ago to hundreds of years ago. Through bones, he is able to gather information to help answer questions about the person the bones belonged…show more content…
Then the video goes into qualitative and quantitative methods. Along with these methods communication skills, computer skills, and an open mind is important skills to also have in the anthropology field. The video starts to close with anthropologist talking about how their job is rewarding and that the job is worth it to them. Then the video talks about the Anthropology Association, NAPPA, and Society for Applied Anthropology. These are big organizations and small associations like WAPPA help communities. The video ends with talking about how anthropology helps preserve/ protect cultures, societies, and the environment. The video taught me a lot about anthropology and how it is not just one thing but composed of many other
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