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Animation is something that has brought joy to generations of people. It can be something that makes you smile or something that gives you chills. It can be something to cry over or something to something to laugh about. Animation can be anything you want. The only limit is your imagination. Animation means to have energy and enthusiasm. But in relation to film the term means to make photographs, drawings, clay models, and many other things appear to be moving. The are many different types of animation, but the five main types are: classical 2D animation, digital 2D animation, digital 3D animation, stop motion animation, and claymation. In classical 2D animation, animators have to draw at least 12 scenes for one second of film. The drawings…show more content…
Using this technique, 3D models are created, textured, rigged and animated in virtual space. Disney’s Animation STudios has started to use only Digital 3D animation in their films. Stop motion animation is done by taking a picture of an object, making slight changes to the object, and then taking another picture. This process is repeated until the desired length of film is reached. And finally there is clay animation. Clay animation is so well known, that it now has it’s own special name: Claymation. Claymation is basically stop motion animation, except it is done using only clay models. Will Vinton is considered the pioneer of claymation. The word claymation was first coined by Will Vinton himself. One of the most famous claymation companies is a British company called Aardman Animations. They created many movies and shows such as Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Chicken Run. And they are all very popular claymations. Claymation is very popular all over the world. Some people think animation is a relatively new idea, but it’s really not. People have been animating for hundreds of years. Even the ancient Egyptians were trying out animation. Archeologists have found pots with different frames from a specific scene going around the…show more content…
No-one knows who invented the Magic Lantern, or when exactly it was invented, but historians believe it was somewhere around 1650.It had a translucent oil painting, a simple lens, and a candle. The candle was held behind the painting and it was project through the lens onto a wall. Sometimes they had more than one painting, which were changed in a quick procession, which is why many people believe that the Magic Lantern was the earliest know example of projected animation. Then came the Phenakistoscope. It was a rotating disc, with a series images drawn the outer edges. A viewer would put their eye up to the lens, and then the disc would be rotated. The result was what looked like a moving

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