What Is An Archetypal Hero

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What is an archetypal hero? There are many steps and stages you would have to go through to succeed as a hero. A hero to me is a person who is brave enough to never give up on something or someone feeling a need to do good for another. A hero could also be a parent, friend, or anyone who you feel that has taken time out of their lives to help you in any special way that positively made a great impact on you or your life. It isn't about the magic, the perfection ,or being known, it's about the ability to help others without no regrets nor feel a need.

A hero isn’t always about the super powers and magic. A hero may have their adventures and big impacts on their lives, but a hero to me is a person who accepts the change even if it’s hard on them. This person realizes that nothing will ever be the same anymore. Their life has changed completely. The person I call a hero is my dad. He goes out of his way to give me everything I need to survive. I call my father a hero because he accepts me for who I am and accepts the changes that I have met through my teen years when no one else would. When times are tough, he finds a way to avoid the negatives and always thinks positive. Even though life is very difficult, and life is hard at times, he still manages to succeed in keeping me alive. I could not ask nothing better because my father has been here for me since day one and always will. When there’s no one to talk to, he’s there to listen to. My dad is my hero because he looks out for me and cares for me. My dad has been through so much with me and still manages stay by my side.Others may consider a super-hero being a hero because of their flying, or mind controlling powers, but think about how hard it would be without having super-hero...

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...e about being accomplished, can succeed with just a little push. This shows that, being a hero isn’t just a person with a cape, it’s a person with a heart and ability to fight for what they believe in.

To be an archetypal hero, you would have to go through many adventures and changes. Life has been completely turned around and nothing could ever be the same. A hero isn’t just a person with powers and costumes. He or she is a person who puts dedication and heart into helping out others. For example, I would consider my best friend Isaac a hero because he looks out for me even when he has lots of things going on. He has completely changed my life because without him I wouldn't know how to stand up for myself and to watch for who i surround myself with.This is important because it shows that being an archetypal hero takes many stages to succeed in being accomplished.
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