What Is Africa, Perceptions And Misperceptions About Africa?

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Africa is an “in development continent” with a very deep background about colonization, that is why is so hard to define it. With fifty four countries, some of them are: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, among others, scientists says that the limits of Africa goes farther than their boundaries. In the lecture “Africa in World History and Anthropology: perceptions and misperceptions” (2012), Maiko argues that people have different perceptions and misperceptions about Africa, and with the lecture he intends to clarify some points, so people will understand and respect more this continent that suffered a lot with its explorers. In “Africa in World History and Anthropology: perceptions and…show more content…
One of the many misperceptions that people have is that Africa is Dangerous and Violent, but according to Anouk Zijlma, an Africa Travel Expert, it is influenced by the news of the media that reproduces a lot of wars, revolutions, pirates and child soldiers. In addition, Zijlma says that bad news catch more attention of the audience than good news, that is why we do not hear about Botswana or Ghana, or even the middle class of Africa is never mentioned. Still, Zijlma advices that some countries of Africa should be avoided like Somalia, and some countries, cities and borders are very dangerous as well. However, the continent is quite big, so there is still a lot of peaceful places to visit. Also, in every country that a person visit, it is important to take some protection measures, it is not because you are in a developed and rich country that you will not be robbed or suffer some violence, it can happen in any country in the world. Some valid tips that Zijlma gave are: watch your belongings every place that you go, do not wear jewelry and fancy things that can call robber’s attention, make a copy of your documents and do not walk alone, it is always better walk in a…show more content…
That is not a real fact, because Africans are very innovative and nowadays they are using a lot cell phones for example, and they have a highly effective mobile baking system. . In a rapidly research of new technologies in Africa, it is possible to see some interesting start-ups in this year, for example: BRCK, “the internet’s backup generator”, a professor using Facebook to reach her students and catch even more their attention, SnapScan, a smart way to pay your bills online, Free Wi-Fi for Africa, is an idea of a great CEO, Alan Knott-Craig, that aims to facility the access of people to the internet and the online life. The only issue is that there is a lack of access to these technologies in some countries. These issues could be repaired by the government and a lot of money should be invested in technologies and universities to create new specialists that can deal with these new

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