What Is Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs?

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Abraham Maslow created a set of needs that one needs to satisfy to move on to the next stage. This can be applied to children as they are growing up and developing themselves; as they need to meet each level to a satisfying degree. Although all experiences with childhood are different, everyone has to complete Maslow’s hierarchy in some manner. Three of the main stages children need to meet are physiological, safety and love and belongingness needs. The main character - of Station Eleven – Kirsten has had her own experiences with completing Maslow’s first three stages after the Georgia Flu hit the world when she was eight. The years after the Georgia Flu hit, Kirsten’s new life journey did not allow for a childhood like others in regards to…show more content…
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs spread out to encompass a more complex task of one’s safety. Although these needs are not as vital as the psychological needs they are still nessceary for survival; health care, safe neighbourhood, shelter from the outside environment are examples (Cherry). Currently in society parents and guardians are overly concerned with safety. “There are hundreds of hazards in the home that create problems for children… on the internet you’ll find thousands of products designed to help create a safer area for children.” (Smith 2). There are books upon books like Smith’s that have ways of making the home and outside environment safe for a child. Kirsten did not need these tools to make her feel safe in the unpredictable world. Rather, she needed tools to protect herself from the outside elements making her environment safer. “Four men, two with guns and two with machetes. One of the gunmen asked for food, four horses, and a woman, in a flat monotone voice. “Give us what we want,” he said, “and no one has to die.”” (Mandel 295). The symphony often came across these dangerous situations, even when they stayed on a common paths the roads remained unpredictable. The symphony knew what was coming so they prepared themselves with practice in self defense and with procedures for when the group is separated. Kirsten was taught the safety skills needed for survival after the flu, these abilities had nothing to do with the safety practices other children commonly
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