What Is A World View? What Is Worldview?

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What is a World View? What is a Christian World View?
A worldview according to R. Albert Mohler Jr. “…recognizes that the only way cognizant, aware human beings can operate is in a complex of thought that does not require us to rethink everything all at once, all the time.” (Piper and Mathis 59). In other words, human beings hold to a set of assumptions which determine the decisions that they make. In a Christian worldview, these assumptions are, “…Christ centered and Biblically based” (Power Point 6) and may thus differ from a secular world view. What is Prime Reality?
Prime reality is God and His creation. This reality is established at the very beginning of the Bible and entwines throughout the rest of the Bible. In Genesis 1:1, the foundation for prime reality is established. According to commentary from Holman this passage lays the basis for the rest of Bible in seven ways, “ God exists”( Hebrews 11:6); “God existed before there was a universe and will exist after a universe”( Hebrews 1:10-12);“God is the main character in the Bible”;“ God as Creator God” can create something out of nothing, which is not something human beings cannot do; “ God is mysterious”; “ God is creator of heaven and earth”; and finally “ God is not dependent on the universe, but the universe is totally dependent on God”(
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External reality is much more vague, as it is governed “anti-realism” (Piper and Mathias 61). According to R. Albert Mohler Jr., these people’s opinion of morality are, “…merely a language game” (Piper and Mathias 61). The secular view of morality is that it open to interpretation, in other words, “moral relativism” (Piper and Mathias 61). Not only is there not a clear definition of what is right and wrong, but humans following the secular perspective often engage in “radical pluralism”( Piper and Mathias 61), in which they believe that many worldviews are

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