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June 24th, 2014 at exactly 11:00 AM was the day after twelve years I went back to Bangladesh. Bangladesh the small country with a huge population of people. My family is not the type of family to go on many vacations but if there is a place where we have an opportunity to visit it would be Bangladesh. The country that made my family who they are now. After a long two day airplane ride I finally made it to the airport in Bangladesh. Stepping out of the airport, I can already feel the humid air sticking to my skin. Looking straight ahead I can see hundreds and hundreds of people holding onto a fence as if they were trapped inside of a prison. Coming out of the airport you expect the sensation of fresh air of where you arrived but sadly once I got out of the airport all I felt was filthy polluted air. On our way to the village was the worst part of the trip. A six hour trip to my village was not only terrible but frightening. If you think driving on a highway in America is scary to try driving in Bangladesh. No traffic lights, speed limits or lanes separate the road. On top of that you have cows as enormous as trucks roaming around the roads. Unlike America you can almost do anything in Bangladesh. Like most people I like to wake up whenever I want to, but in my village the roosters decide when you wake up in the morning. The roosters don’t stop shouting and crying till everyone in the village is awake. As I wake up I immediately wash my face, brush my teeth have some breakfast and head straight outside for a walk. Walking around the village makes me feel very calm, makes me forget all my worries and I’m able to relax more. When walking around the village not only can I see the beautiful tree’s where you can see little kids trying... ... middle of paper ... ... the gorgeous places to visit. There is nothing better than feeling the hot, warm sand beneath your feet. Walking on the heavy sand is like walking on the Sahara desert. The water in jaflong is so pure and clean, it's like looking through a glass or mirror. The mountains on top of jaflong are as high if not higher than the towers in New York City. The amazing beach will make you want to stay there forever. If you are a fan of plants, the tea garden is located right around the corner. The tea garden is a place where people put in a lot of effort into. There is nothing greener than the tea garden. The garden is like a vast maze. You can easily get lost it in with your kids. Although Bangladesh is facing problems economically and politically. You can never take away the beauty the country possesses. Going back to my home country is always something that's special to me.

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