What Is A Time Machine Essay

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Once upon a time, I was walking around until I bumped into this weird looking room thing. I went inside and noticed that it was a time machine. Since I was learning how the earth was made in science, I decided to go back in time to where it all started. I set the options to 5 billion years ago and then I clicked go. The machine took me there in a flash. At that exact time the sun was being made. I observed that there were dust and rocks flying around everywhere around the sun. After watching it for a while, it got boring so I decided to go to when the earth was made. That was probably more interesting. I set the options to 4 and a half billion years ago and clicked go. There were rocks, pulling together to form the earth. Water vapor was all around the time…show more content…
Then, I left and went back to 460 million years ago. That was around the time when the ozone layer was formed. There was gas that was forming a blanket around the earth. I knew the ozone was meant to absorb the pollution. There was nothing fun there so I decided to fast forward to when life happens in 400 million years ago. I was near the water when I noticed that there were fish evolving! It looked so cool. I am witnessing the first fish that ever formed. When I was finished watching that, I decided to go to the time when plants blossom. When I got there, I saw each plant grow bit by bit. The coolest looking one was a big tree. I made the time go faster, so I can see the plants grow. When I was done, I decided to go to when the sun affected the earth. I had to be careful there because the sun blasted the surface with deadly radiation and I did not want to get hurt. I realized that there was no plants or animals on the surface when there is supposed to be. Finally, I decided to move on to when the sun affected the earth. That happened 360 million years ago. I did not feel safe there so I left and went to when things were becoming normal. That was 200 million years
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