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Not Just A Mother My mom is not just an ordinary mom to me, she is a great role model who has taught me many exceptional values in life. When she was just a young girl in high school, she had her whole life ahead of her and believe she had it all planned out. She attended college at Louisiana State University at Alexandria, where she received a degree in General Studies and went on to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. She started off with a small-scale job working at a daycare and later began working at an Elementary School not to far from where she lived. My mother has lived in a small town by the name of Jonesville, La all of her life with her family close by. I remember her always saying that family support helped her reach the…show more content…
She planned trips with her family once a year. She valued the ideas of keeping her family close. She had a positive way of juggling all of her life’s duties from being a mom, being a wife, being a sister, a daughter and holding a job. Stress does come up, but overcoming it is part of life’s lessons. Being a teacher and role model, she taught her students that nothing is handed to you in life and that it may only be obtained by hard work and dedication. These words really spoke to me and have helped push me to my limits to be a better person and strive to fulfill my…show more content…
It pushes me to want to work harder. She inspires her students and motivates them to not give up when things get hard. There is always more than one way to accomplish a task. She told me once not to compare myself to others because God made us all to be unique and different, and that you should only strive to better yourself. Ask yourself this, “How can I make me better than what I already am?” Her students looked up to her the way I do. She pushed them the way she pushes me. Her favorite students were the ones that challenged her. The one student some teachers might over look and find to challenging. She liked to make a difference and every student that had passed through her class had earned values they could continue to carry with them throughout life. She does more than just teach, she motivates, inspires and encourages. She’s my motivator and encourager when I want to give up. She once said when you get ready to leave this world the only thing people will remember was the kind of person you were and how you treated other. She will be remember for her kindness, generosity, and ability to always want to help others. I find myself wanting to help other more just from seeing the impact of how little acts of kindness can go a long way, she taught me

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