What Is A Memorable Experience Essay

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We are always told to appreciate what we have. We are always told that we don’t realize how fortunate we really are. But despite hearing it repeatedly, we still find ourselves overlooking the things we should be grateful for. Let’s face it: no one in this world has ever lived a day where they don’t take something for granted. Sometimes we have to experience or witness the extreme in order to feel thankful. Sometimes just one experience can change your perspective of life. For me, it took a blow to the face and months out of a sport to make me stop and appreciate my everyday life. I used to do gymnastics, but was eventually forced to quit due to multiple injuries that, despite one being career-ending, were meaningful learning experiences. One of these incidents occurred in October 2016. I was at gymnastics practice on a Thursday night. However, this was no ordinary practice. My coach was out sick, so we had a different coach fill in. This…show more content…
That however, is not even the worst part. The recovery is what makes this experience a meaningful life lesson. I had to follow certain rules in order to keep the stitches in, and my lip in one. When I spoke to people, I sounded like I wasn’t moving my lips. Not because I was advised not to move them, but because I physically couldn’t speak normally. When someone said something humorous, I couldn’t smile nor laugh, or else I would risk stretching out the stitches and ripping my lip apart again. Eating was quite an experience as well. I couldn’t drink out of a bottle without a straw, I couldn’t wrap my lips around a spoon, and I had to eat with my hand over my mouth because I physically could not chew with my mouth closed. Not fun. Not to mention that my bottom lip swelled so much that it was approximately ten times larger than my top lip. It looked like an episode of Botched! However, although these incidents were ridiculous and a bit amusing, they also taught me a very significant
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