What Is A Hero?

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What is a Hero? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a hero is an individual who is admired for great bravery or fine qualities. To me a hero is so much more than a person who shows great bravery. When I think of a hero many fine qualities come to mind; intelligence, courage, altruism, compassion and great bravery. In order for me to better explain what I believe to be a hero, I want to describe the hero in my life; my Father. My dad is an exceptional man, not only has he been in the United States Marine Corps for 24 years and counting, going on numerous tours overseas, he is a student pursuing his Master’s degree. He is a basketball or baseball coach depending on what sport my siblings and I are currently in to, he is a math or English tutor depending on where we are struggling. He is the best breakfast chef in the world and an amazing father to 7 children, all while serving his country proudly. There are many varieties of heroes; fictional heroes like batman and superman, professional athletes, actors, etc. These are exceptional people but shouldn’t they be considered more of a role model than a hero? Heroes are those that sacrifice their wellbeing for that of others and expect nothing in return. Most of us are familiar with the story of a 15 year old boy and his friends that tailgated a kidnapper with a missing 5 year old on their bikes. They started their own search party, spotted the man and took action. Tamar Boggs a member of the group who tracked down the kidnapper claimed he was, “just a normal person who did a thing that anybody else would do." That is a hero, someone who does something knowing it was the greater good, claiming anybody would’ve done it. In Phillip Zimbardo’s, “What Makes a Hero?” He discusses ... ... middle of paper ... ...great strength, dedication and the indomitable will to survive. If you put others before yourself you are considered a hero. If you’re willing to sacrifice your life or reputation for that of another you are a hero, because the best heroes put others before themselves. Heroes display great qualities and characteristics such as; bravery, intelligence, compassion and courage. Our military men and women are prime examples of everyday heroes, our teachers and parents are silent heroes that normally go unnoticed but they make monumental impacts in our lives. Cancer survivors and ex-users are heroes within themselves, overcoming obstacles seemingly impossible for their sake and their families. Many reasons can make someone a hero, but heroism is in the eyes of beholder and to me a true hero is my father and the millions of men and women risking their lives for my freedom.

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