What Is A Christmas Carol Essay

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Bella Brandon
Lynn Hovde
English 101
28 October 2014
A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a holiday novella published in 1843. Dickens wrote this book after he finds himself struggling with his writing meaning he wasn 't getting much attention from his readers; immediately after he released a Christmas carol, it became popular all around the word and it gave live to his writing once again. It 's been said that A Christmas carol is Dickens best work and has been adapted many times to film and other media; the popularity of the book remained, and has not been out of print even today. The story brings light, warmth, sympathy, and life; which makes it a great Christmas story. Although this book is supposed to be an happy
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Later on, Scrooge receives a visit from an old ghost friend of his, Jacob Marley. Marley used to be not only Scrooge 's friend, but his partner as well; until he died several years ago. Marley has done some terrible things in the past, when he died, he didn 't end up in the best place, so him hoping to help scrooge from sharing the same fate as him, warns him that he will get three super natural-visit from from three spirit during the next three nights. These three super-natural spirits are called: The ghost of Christmas past, The ghost of Christmas present, and The ghost of Christmas yet to come. The ghost of Christmas past takes him and shows him his previous years of Christmas, and his beautiful wife leaving him because of his lust for money. He was too attached to money and that decreased his ability to love her or anyone else for that matter; by they end, he was full of regret and sadness. The ghost of Christmas present takes him to show him how that current year of Christmas will happen. Around the end, it shows him starved children, to remind him of his selfishness when he refused to donate money to…show more content…
Even though this story is fiction and fairy tale for most part, the work and the messages it passes thorough are very real. It sends powerful messages and moral that I strongly believe in. I think anyone who reads this book could learn a lot of things from it that would be helpful, and could ease up their live. This book shows us that if we live our live lonely and selfish, it 's going to lead us no where. Just like Scrooge from the begging, he was cold-hearten, and bitter, because he wasn 't willing to contribute to his family, or community; that result nothing but unhappiness. He didn 't realize that wealth is not the key to happiness, in fact it 's nothing if you don 't have anyone to share it with. My favorite part of the story was when Dickens makes a strong point about not needing money to enjoy Christmas. Part of the reason he wrote this book was to remind those less fortunate that a great Christmas is possible without a lot of money. One of many things I have learned from this story is that, the big part of Christmas is not about how many bulb of lights you put on your house or how many gifts you buy or receive, it 's all about how and whom you spend it with. Scrooge was very rich, and if that was what he needed to be happy, he would be the happiest person
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