What Influence Did the Seed Plow Have?

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The seed plow was a mesopotamian invention that revolutionized the world and made agriculture easier for them. Many people may think that it wasn’t important and ask, why was the seed plow an important invention? Another question would be, What is the seed plow? How is the seed plow like modern day farming? The seed plow is a big importance to the world today.

The seed plow is a major piece of equipment. It helped the agriculture by doing all of the seeding and ploughing. The seed is dropped into a hole located in the plow and then placed in the ground("Mesopotamia: Science & Inventions." Mesopotamia: Science & Inventions 2013). If the seed plow hadn’t been invented agriculture wouldn’t be so easy. The seed plow needs an animal to pull it around through the crops so the farmers can plant crops more efficiently.

Farming in those days compared to today was much slower and strenuous. Inventing the seed plow was a huge breakthrough in those times. The creation made it easier for farmers to plow and produce more crops at a faster rate. Without the first invention of the seed plow, farmers throughout the years would find it harder to make a living and supply crops to suppliers. Animals play a big role in the agricultural process. Animals were used to pull the ploughs through the fields dropping the seeds and tilling the land for easier planting. Animals usually pulled the seed plow to help make the process go faster and efficient.(N.p., n.d. 2013).

The seed plow was also an important invention because, the livelihood of many people relied on safety and quantity of their food. The greater the quantity and quality of food gave them a sense of security for their families. The greater the supply the more to consume. The...

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... think that the seed plow wasn’t that important but it really was and still is.The seed plow was an amazing invention, many people are glad that the Mesopotamians invented it. The Mesopotamians not only thought of making it easier for them to farm, but for the future as well. The seed plow is filled with amazing knowledge and skills on farming from the Mesopotamians, which is still used today.

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