What Impacts did Indiea Leave in Indonesia

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India and Indonesia have had a great history together. Not to mention the many influences that came from India. Indonesia is surrounded by beautiful relics and temples as a reminder of India’s presence in Indonesia in the past.(Dharmawan) It is hard to deny the fact that India once lived in Indonesia amongst the locals and played a big part in Indonesia’s development as a nation. India was able to spread Hinduism and Buddhism through trading textiles with Indonesia’s spices since the first century, which then had an impact on the government system in Indonesia. This essay will discuss not only about India’s trade with Indonesia, but also their spread of Hindu and Buddhist religion, and their influence towards Indonesia’s way of government.
India came and introduced Hinduism and Buddhism to Indonesia which changed Indonesia’s religious belief. When India came to Indonesia 2000 years ago, they introduced Hinduism and Buddhism to Indonesia in a peaceful manner. (Nayyar) Before India came, Indonesians were animists and dynamists who worship animals and ordinary things, which Indonesians believe to obtain special powers. ("Pengaruh Budaya Luar Terhadap Budaya Lokal") Indonesians worshiped the spirit of their ancestors through memorial stones called Menhirs. After India came and popularized their Hindu religion, Indonesians used stones to construct a monument for preparing a sacrificial offering to the Hindu god, usually in a form of an animal. (Fourtofour) The introduction of Bhuddhism and its two sections, Hinayan and Mahayan happened around the first century. The Indians then built temples, monuments, and other artifacts.(Dharmawan) Some include; the Ganesha statue, a first century Hindu relic; the three rough plinths (base for statu...

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