What I Will Do To Be Successful In This Class

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The first step to being successful, no matter what you’re trying to succeed, is to recognize your weak points, your strengths, and your limits. I myself know that I have several, and when I say several, I mean several, weak points when it comes to writing papers. The first and most lethal to a student who wishes to be well, is procrastination. I will always put writing a paper off till the last minute. In fact, I’m doing it right now as I’m writing this. I’m already doing what I say I’m not supposed to be doing. You can probably tell that I’m off to a great start. The next on the list of things that will brutally murder a student who wishes to do well in a class are distractions. Of course there is a multitude of things that can distract you at any time, especially shiny objects, though I have found that I am most venerable to distractions that take the form of sounds when I am trying to write a paper. To counter this, I do something that kind-of contradicts itself, though that is the most important part of discovering your weaknesses. You have to do something about them, and get over them. That is what this paper is all about; getting over my problems and issues with writing so that I can become a better writer (and by reading this you might learn a thing or two yourself).
Writing, as you know, can be a very long and painstaking process, which sometimes causes me to want to gouge my eyes out with an ice cream spoon. I rather like to think that the latter would be less painful, but me not having done so, I would not know. I think this because it is so boring to me that I would do just about anything to make it stop. So, this then leads to me putting off the painful process until the last minute because I don’t want to do it, whi...

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...ad of just skimming it and saying, “Great job.” There’s something else that will help a student like me too, and it is called…SPELL CHECK! This can be a lifesaver to someone who has to type all of their papers (me) because it doesn’t care about your subject; all that it cares about is if you’re grammatically correct and if you can spell! Without spell check, I probably would fail my English class.
Of course this is not what a good student wants to happen, a.k.a. me, so I am going to use this plus all of other my recourses. This list mainly consists of the Student Center, my literature book, and some things that you might not even think about right off the bat like music and anti-procrastination spray (it’s like bug spray, but better). I know that these things don’t sound like much, but when combined together, they can take a good paper and turn it into a great one.

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