What I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

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What I would like for my life to look like in 2, 4, or 10 years would be to hopefully be a nurse by at least 2 years. It’s a big dream I have and I wish to accomplish it. I really love helping people and knowing that becoming a nurse, I’ll be helping them with their needs. I really do care about people’s health and I only want the best for them. What I mainly want to focus on is being a nurse for children. I adore children it just warms up your heart when they smile and when you hear them laughing. I wish for my life to be me being prepared for life being able to support my own self. Hopefully when I do become a nurse, I’ll be able to get my own house and of course start my own family. It’s better to have your own career before you decide on starting a family so when you do have…show more content…
I’ll study for longer hours. I’ll try my best to avoid procrastination. If I ever have a hard time learning what is taught in my classes, I’d stay for tutoring. To overcome present and anticipated obstacles I should stay focused on what’s it’s going to be like after I accomplish the hard steps of becoming a nurse. I know the steps that will take me to achieve my goal are going to be difficult but I’ll get a step closer. What I have to keep in mind is at the moment it will be difficult but if I continue following my goal I will accomplish what I want. If I get through every little step that is needed to get into the nursing program, it’ll mean I’m closer than where I started from.
What I need to change in myself is I need to become more optimistic. I should remain positive that I will accomplish what I want to become. Becoming a nurse is something I really want to do. I know if I do become a nurse I will my family proud of me and that’s what I really wish for. What I also need to change in myself is to avoid social media and stay focused more on completing what’s needed to get

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