What I Learned Over The Summer My Mind Kind Of Does A 180 Backflip

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When I ask myself what I have learned over the summer my mind kind of does a 180 backflip. I feel like I have learned so many different things that it is challenging to pinpoint it, or even know where to start. However, I guess the first thing that pops into my mind is attitude. I never had a chance with my attitude before Southwestern. I was angry and bitter; I would try to bring other people down with me. When I joined the SW family, my eyes were starting to open up to the fact that I am letting my attitude control me and not me control it. This summer was like a gut punch when it came to attitude. It really taught me that “Attitude isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” I strongly believe in that. Now, as I go through my life and realize I am in a bad mood, I can tell, and although I may not be able to get out of it right away, I can acknowledge it and work on it. Self talk - like a motha fuckin’ boss. Self talk is another huge thing that I learned this summer. Along with not knowing that I could control my attitude, I didn’t know that I could talk to myself without being crazy, talk myself into having a better day, talk myself into being more confident, even talk myself into being friendlier. I realized this summer that self talk, is a major game changer. You’re constantly talking to yourself all day, whether you know it or not, and your mind will throw negative, self-doubting thoughts at you, which can consume you, but when you self talk it helps to bring out better thoughts. The positive loud affirmations are so much stronger than the silent evils in your mind. When I self talk constantly, I drown out the silent negative things and fill the world with positive beautiful thoughts of confidence, happiness, dorkiness, and kind... ... middle of paper ... ...contact, and smiling I believe go hand in hand. In the everyday life of college students, most students - even if in public- will isolate themselves from people by putting in headphones and just looking down. Humans aren’t meant to go through this world alone and isolated, they are meant for each other, and when you look up and smile people are more likely to smile back and want to approach you. Also, when you look someone in the eyes whilst conversing it gives you the look of confidence and it also makes you seem more trustworthy. I also learned things that I didn’t realize were as important to me or things that I just think I would gain out of an experience like this: what kind of spouse I want and don’t want, what kind of mom, if I ever adopt, I want to be and don’t want to be, how I want to live and not live, the kind of place I’d want to live or and live.

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