What I Learned From Taking Business Communication

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With the concepts and skills I have learned from taking Business Communication 3301 I have personally been able to develop proper knowledge of writing a thorough essay to comply with business standards. This course has influenced my planning, searching and structuring in all aspects of my writing. I have learned, the more in depth version to basic skills in order to research the topics given and providing knowledge to properly plan for an assignment. This course assisted me in being able to create a solid foundation on which I am able to evaluate situations and respond accordingly. In essence the importance of this class is recognizing situations and learning proper measures or response. In order to clarify a response a sense of understanding must be known. This class showed the steps to take to recognize, analyze and respond to each individual situation. After gaining the basic knowledge needed to comply with measures, the next step is learning how to reciprocate a response towards your audience. We were taught structure, clarity and consistency is critical when speaking to an audience. Of course, with knowing that an audience may be just one individual or a group of millions. Structure is very important, it is the foundation of our communication. How well structured out writing is written is how easily it is to be absorbed and understood by the audience. This means in all works we carried out through this course, the common denominator was an opening, a body and a close. Being concise and clear about the message gives our audience a sense of clarity about what we are trying to express properly. While having structure and clarity is important, being consistent weighs in with just as much value. This truly gives the audience thei... ... middle of paper ... ...having the ability to design the chosen message was something new for me. Being able to appropriately accommodate to my audience is critical when relaying the message. Knowing the best way to deliver the message is something I’ve always struggled with before. Having the clarification on whether I can email or mail my specific thoughts have helped me tremendously understand the common courtesy of ethics to abide by. Needless to say, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this class. I have gathered information from this course that will help me to become a better business student at this university and further on. The skills I have obtained will help me to structure my work, get over my fears, and help me solve problems in the work place. Using these strategies I have gained, I know that I will be able to find the best possible outcome, design the message and deliver it with ease.
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