What I Learned At Theological Ethics

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Payton Jones THL 270 Risch Essay 2 "What I learned in Theological Ethics" Ethics this year was an informative experience. I learned about everything from the good Samaritan to the reasoning to why the Catholic Church view on abortion. In addition, I learned that ethics, for the most part, there is never one right answer to a situation. There are an infinite number of actions that a person can take. It doesn 't mean that there is one true right answer. Each and every action has its own consequences and benefits. To figure out the consequences of a situation, we often use reason. I find this ironic because the main tool that the Catholic Church uses to determine what is moral has been around since long before the church. I knew the Church had ties to Hellenization, but I didn 't realize they were this strong. That said the church as the class has taught me could use some updating. This is due to the historically conscious view and the fact the church doesn 't use it all the time. It is interesting that the Church that values its reason doesn 't use it sometimes because of its pride. I learned that for the most part, most Christian churches are becoming more liberal. The fact some Churches allow gay pastors is a wonderful thing I did not know. It 's great some churches are thinking with reason. I found the historically conscious view a pleasure to learn. I think it can be applied to much more than just Christian documents. I can think fo how much different I 'll view a book when I read it next time. Rather than just look at the text on the page, I will have to take into account the author 's intentions and time period. Another thing I enjoyed learning about in Theology was Bernard Lonergan 's Theory of Cognition. I thought it wa... ... middle of paper ... ...thing without the content from Gula. The topics from healthcare to homelessness were all interesting and I liked the class discussion on the issues. I also found the commentaries very useful in looking at the issues. Like learning that teen pregnancy is actually decreasing along with abortion. I enjoyed that we as a class got to discuss the issues as well. It was interesting to hear everyone 's opinion and the counterarguments. It made the class feel more applicable and interesting. It reminded me this isn 't just in the classroom these issues do exist and are real. In the end, Ethics taught me how to make the right decision, not what was the right decision. I learned to use natural law and a historically conscious view to look at different situations. I learned to look past the person and at the situation. I learned what God most likely views as noble and just.
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