What I Learned A Great Deal About Myself

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After doing some self-reflecting on my interpersonal effectiveness skills, and focusing on the four main components. I learned a great deal about myself, and that I do need a lot of improvement. I also learned that I have some strong points about myself that I’ve never thought about before. The self-assessment test showed my own beliefs of where I thought I was with my skills. I did have my husband do the interview with me, and what he had to say during the interview conflicted with my thoughts and the test results. I need practice by creating and maintain goals and tasks that compliment my lifestyle, so that I can appropriately accomplish them. After taking the time to organize and put all components on a more personal level with great thought, I do not think that the self-assessment test is all that accurate. Reflecting on competence skills, I did not see where any improvement was necessary. I accomplish my goals and have never considered my appropriateness as a problem. Competence has two components to it: appropriateness and effectiveness. However, my husband and I agree that the effectiveness component I have mastered, and doing very well in. I need improvement in the appropriateness component. My ability to accomplish my goal is never an issue with me, but the ways that I get the goals done, and complete them is usually not appropriate. The way that I go about things is against the normal, and usually breaks rules. I can approve on this component by simply thinking things through, and changing the way that I see things and understanding that not all concepts are as black and white as I make them to be. Being mindful is a skill that I have been working on most of my adult life. I struggle the most with this component. I am ... ... middle of paper ... ...I need to learn how to let them know that they are always more than welcome to approach me with anything without having any fair of my actions. A little help from others go along way and I know that it will help make things so much simpler and work out for the best for us all. The third and final goal that I had set for myself was to improve on my verbal communication skills. Behavior that I can practice to make this more effective is practicing my opening communicating technique. The first impressions seem to carry to the most weight. Also reaming more positive and being more positive with my facial expressions and body language. The words that I am saying, and coming out of my mouth need to also match what my body is saying. Practicing being more friendly with more eye contact and smiling will help me achieve this goal and help me improve my Interpersonal skills.

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