What Helped Hitler Take Control Over Germany

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What Helped Hitler Take Control Over Germany

· Reichstag Fire

· Enabling Act

· The Night of the Long Knives

Which of these were the most important? Explain your answer.

The Reichstag fire was when Hitler became Chancellor he took steps to

complete a Nazi takeover of Germany. The Reichstag Fire took place on

27 February, this was a dramatic development for the Nazis, the

Reichstag building burnt down. Hitler blamed the Communists and

declared that the fire was the beginning of a Communist uprising. He

demanded special emergency powers to deal with the situation and was

given them by President Hindenburg. The Nazi used this power to arrest

Communists, break up meeting and frighten voters. Many Germans thought

that it was the Nazis who started the fire.

In the election, the Nazis won, by their largest ever share of the

votes. They were given support of the smaller Nationalist Party,

Hitler had an overall majority. Using the SA and the SS, he then

intimidated the Reichstag into passing the enabling act which allowed

him to make laws without consulting the Reichstag. The Enabling Act

made Hitler a virtual dictator. For the next 4 years if he wanted a

new law he could pass it. There was nothing that President Hindenburg

could do.

The Night of the Long Knives happened on the weekend of 29 to the 30

of June. Squads of SS men broke into homes of Rohm and other leading

figures in the SA and arrested them, they then were taken to

concentration camps and later executed. Over this weekend Rohm and

possibly as many as 400 others were executed.

The Reichstag Fire was important because if the Reichstag Fire hadn’t

of happened then I don’t think that the other two events would of

happened. It was also important because it meant that Hitler was

given immense power by President Hindenburg, Hitler used this power so

that he could intimidate the Communists.

The Enabling Act was important because it meant that Hitler could make
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