What Happens in The Vindico by Wesley King?

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The Vindico is a novel about 5 teenagers named James, Lana, Hayden, Emily, and Sam. They get kidnapped by the League of Villains and are brought to the Vindico Mansion. Torturer, Rono, Avaria, Leni, and Silver each select a teenager to train based on their similarities in personality and ability. The kids train to become the villain’s protégés and their future generation. Baron, the mastermind villain, states that there will be severe consequences imposed if they try to escape the estate. He also lures the teenagers into joining the Vindico by offering to give them a superpower, which they can use to defeat the people who hurt them. James, Lana, Hayden, Emily, and Sam get bullied, either at school or at home, so they coalesce to get back at the world that has been cruel to them. After receiving their super power, they have a group session, personal training, and a workout for 4 hours every day to prepare them to battle the League of Heroes. The first main event in this book is when the Vindico finds out that a member of the League named Junkit- also known as the Sparrow- is in a near...

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