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Dear, Frances O’Roark Dowell, To me, a friend means passion. A friend means forever existing love. A friend means many years of heartfelt times, but also grieving moments. When you just need that shoulder to cry on. Friends, or even more specifically, best friends, share a bond that can never be compared to anything else. It might twist. It might bend. It sometimes might even break, but that is when you separate the real friends, from the fake. A friendship is not a meaning, but a message, that only they can understand.
I always felt like I never really understood friendship. I only knew that I did have friends, that would would never spread one of my secrets to another human being. I knew friendship was important, it was so very special to anyone who was lucky enough to receive it. It was like a dream come true. I even still
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Your book really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of friendship. I felt like a bird about the clouds, seeing everything at the point of view I had always wanted. I finally understand was friendship is all about now. I know why it is so special. Your book helped me feel proud to be a friend, a true friend. Your book let me understand all those friendships I set aside. The friendships I took for granted. That I threw away. Because of you, I will never turn down another friendship again. Now I appreciate, and see the way friendship helps me, and why it does that so strongly. It’s almost like magic. I thank you for that. Thank you is almost an understatement. I thank you beyond words can even describe. I thank you in a way that can not even be said. It may only be felt. You showed me the true meaning of friendship. Even if I felt depressed, or lonely while reading. All would do it curl up with it, and all my worries would go

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