What Factors Led to the Cold War?

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The cause of the Cold War is debatable. The Cold War was inevitable due to the differences in Capitalist and Communist ideologies. However, one is not able to fully point out who was responsible for the Cold War. There are so many factors that could have contributed to the Cold War. Many of the historians perspectives about the causes of the Cold War varies to a certain extent. The Orthodox view generally holds that the Soviet Union was responsible for the Cold War. It states that the Soviets were inevitably expansionist , due to their suspicion of the West. Thus, Stalin violated the Yalta and Potsdam agreements, occupied and imposed Soviet control in Eastern Europe and decides to ¨plot¨ the spread of Communism throughout the world with Moscow as its centre. The Revisionist view had an alternative perspective about the Cold War. They held the USA responsible for the Cold War. The Revisionists sees the motives behind U.S. foreign policy as inherently linked to the needs of Capitalism. When looking at different historian's point of views, one can see how the Cold War was seen as the only need for self-preservation that had caused the two countries to sink in their differences. However, many of the tensions that existed in the Cold War can be attributed to Stalin's policy of Soviet expansion. Stalin's foreign policies could have contributed to the increased tension between countries in the Cold War. The aim of his policies was to take advantage of the military situation in Post-War Europe to strengthen Russia's influence. Stalin was significantly effective in his goal to gain territory with victories in Poland and other countries. Stalin's success was seen as the beginning of creating Russian aggressions. The Western view seen Stalin...

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...other in territorial gain. Stalin was part of the Cold War because of him creating aggression and tension through other countries. No single side is solely responsible for the Cold War. The United States cannot be blamed without also blaming the USSR and Vice Versa. Both of the countries were aggressive with their foreign policy. Both of these countries were trying to attempt to 'one up' the other side in an attempt to push either communism or Capitalism until Europe. Therefore, both countries as well as Stalin are the main cause of the Cold War. Each country had their own responsibility in the outbreak of the war. One is not able to fully determine who was the ultimate cause of the Cold War due to different historian's perspectives, Stalin's foreign policy, and each countries attempt of creating plans for the country as in the Marshall Plan or the Molotov Plan.
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