What Ethics Or Moral Values Are Important In A Business?

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What ethics or moral values do you think are important in your everyday life? Many businesses do not follow the simple values citizens would think are important. Ethics are a key factor in a business’s role in their community. The businesses reputation will impact its employees, customers, the potential for growth, and overall success. When a business exemplifies integrity in its services, actions, and products they are held to high ethical standards. Three main levels of ethical standards that a business must rise to are the federal and state law, individual company policies, and the morals of individual employees within the business.
All businesses must follow both federal and state laws. When a company does not follow the set laws the business
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Having a clear code that employees can embrace will help the business determine goals, values, and priorities. These codes would also be help in the future if the business ever gets into legal trouble. These policies should include hiring practices, termination procedures, sexual harassment issues, vendor relationships and gift-giving limits…show more content…
If the company points out what actions are claimed as harassment will stop future problems before they arise. Touching a fellow employee on the arm, back or face can be claimed as sexual harassment and should be prohibited. If the business allows nicknames the manager should watch and listen to see what kind of names they are creating and if it could cause a sexual harassment charge. The main portion of a business are the employees within. Giving employees an opportunity to help contribute to the code of ethics that they have to follow will help make them understand why it contains the principles that it does. It could even be helpful to have a company meeting to discuss the important issues so that no one gets caught by surprise when the new code of ethics rolls out (Hodges). In O’Brien’s article, Jim Clifton says, “In companies whom you name manager is the single most important impactful thing you do with
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