What Electronics Mean To Me

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With the click of a button, it is all available to me. A reminder flashes across the phone screen. A To-Do list sits in the top right corner of my surface. Faces appear as a screensaver and automatically make the electronics around me more than a piece of metal. It is strange how mundane objects can hold much more meaning that someone would expect. In my backpack, the binders and notebooks switch from day to day, but there are two consistent things that travel with me to and from school every day. My Surface and my phone are two things that I always during the school. They are a constant weight in my bag that I always have access to. Some people may argue that electronics distract you from being present in conversations, but I have grown to understand that they provide me the resources needed to stay organized, hold memories, and remind me of decisions I need to make. There are no better functions to an iPhone or Surface than their organization features. A permanent spot for a To-Do list or a daily reminder to make my bed prove that the little organization help can …show more content…

A weight I have been carry without much help has been the decision of whether to do crew next year or in college. It is a sport with many of my best friends, but most them will be graduating next year. When I open my Surface, I realize that not a single on of the four boys in my background photo will be on the team next year. Do I go through another year without the support system that has pushed me to become the coxswain and person I am today? This reminder of decisions to be made returns the stress and anxiety. Adding more weight to my bag through these decisions is something I need to address. Will I be able to carry the weight of rowing without the people who made me love the sport in the first place? It is a question to ask about how I will address the added pressure of a new team

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how mundane objects can hold more meaning than a piece of metal. their surface and phone are constant weights in their bag.
  • Explains how the organization features of an iphone or surface can reduce stress and anxiety.
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