What Efforts Are Taken to Protect Wildlife

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This research is just a brief summary of what efforts are taken to protect the endangered wildlife. There is good information on what groups are helping, who is helping. Is there any celebrities helping with this? And what can the kids do if they want to get involve. What are they doing to keep these’s animals from going extinct? Are they moving them to a safer place to repopulate? At least they are trying to clean up their old habitats and make it safer for them to come back to. The dog and cat family are endanger the most because they are so valuable because they are hard to find. Then there’s the bear family that isn’t so much endangered but the type of breed is. Was there a president that wanted to help? Did he/she come up with some sort of group to help the ESA, CITES and celebrities? I love animals I’ve grew up around animals. Yeah I’m afraid of some animals. That’s why I chose what efforts are taken to protect the endangered wildlife. Since I’m very good with animals I could use what I know and the research I found to complete my project. I am going to be honest this was a graphic and sad topic for me. I found that there were some celebrities that join or made an endangerment campaign. There are over three thousands endangered species in the world. Yes these animals are at risk of extinction. There are many reasons why these species are going extinct and endanger. Here are some of the causes habitat loss, disease spreading, pollution, predation, hunting, fishing and over-consumption. Yes there is a law in some states that have a list of what animals can and can’t be killed or what time of year they can stir the animals. I don’t understand that when an animal already going extinct and it’s causing then to be en... ... middle of paper ... ... I know the ESA and CITES are still trying to do all they can to protect and stop endangerment. And that Jane Goodall, Usain Bolt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Costner and Willie Nelson are still investing their time and money to help with whatever they need too. I think there isn’t any other sad story than a sweet innocent animal is going endanger for stupid reason. But hopefully there will be a day to come that there will no longer to be endangerment or extinction of any type of animal. Works Cited (Kurpis, 2014) (Kurpis, Causes of Endangerment, 2014) (Education, 2014) (Endnagered Species International Inc., 2014) (U.S Environmental Protection Agency, 2014) (Powered by Mediawiki, 2014) (Privacy Policy, 2014) (World Wildlife Fund, 2014) (Doremus, 2014) (A.P. Dobson, 2014) (David S. Wlicove, 2014) (Gardner M. Brown Jr., 2014)
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