What Easter is About

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What Easter is About

We start Holy Week wih Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the day where

Jesus entered Jerusalem with his disciples. When Jesus entered

Jerusalem the people laid down palm leaves which is why it is called

Palm Sunday. Today it is celebrated by mass in our parishes, where

processions are held and palms are held up and then the priest blesses

them. It is the longest gospel. The whole of the passion is read out

and the pamls are turned into crosses.

Thusrday: The next significant day is Maundy Thursday. This is when

Jesus broke bread with his disciples. Its the day of the Last

Supper. We celebrate the Last Supper every mass. Jesus offered the

bread up to God and he offered the wine, and he said "This is my

body...This is my blood which will be given up for you". This is

called the Last Supper because its the last time that Jesus ate with

all his disciples.

During Holy Week a special service is held within mass which

includes:- The Reinstitution of the Eucharist, Ministers of the

Parish, its also the final before Good Friday.

Friday: this day is known as Good Friday. This is because its the day

that Jesus sacrificed himself for us. The service that usually takes

place is called the Stations of the Cross. Prayers are said at each

station as Jesus' last hours on Earth are remembered. Furthermore a

special service is held called "The Veneration Of The Cross". This is

when all the statues in the church are covered over. The consecrated

host is no longer in the Tabernacle. Also normally there is a silent

pain for one or two minutes at three o'clock. Part of the service

includes the kissing of Jesus' feet on the cross. All is dark and no

flowers are on the alter, this is to mark Jesus' death on the cross

when he saved mankind.

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