What Dreams Are

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What Dreams Are

Dreams, we all have them at one time or another, and in one form or another. They can be daydreams, when we're awake, wishing and hoping for something more (bigger and better) than we already have, or the way we hope things should and would be. Next there is the wish, this is when there is a strong desire for a specific thing, a longing for one particular thing. Then there is the nightmare. They are the dreams that are very disturbing, full of fear and horror. They are often a very scary event played out while one is asleep, although we do not know we are asleep. "Dreams are a sequence of images etc. passing through a sleeping persons mind" (Webster's 182). Because dreams are often complex and very vivid, many psychologists believe that our dreams are telling us something about ourselves and what we are thinking and feeling at that time. "Dream, the true interpreters of our inclinations" (McKenna 56).

Daydream, a mental image that is not real, "A pleasant dream that occurs when one is awake" (Guralink 193).They are mental images that are not real, but t...

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