What Does it Take to Truly Be Happy

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What does it take to truly be happy? Some people feel success breeds happiness, and others believe that natural happiness comes from doing the right thing for the right reasons. Whatever the case may be, cultural implications seen in history, religion, government, and media are all things that affect our happiness. Media affects our happiness through television, music, internet, etc. When we watch T.V we expose ourselves to a whole new reality. We learn from this, some people try to make that their reality by doing some of the things that are shown on T.V. It shows us that the media is not always a good example of happiness either. What some of the producers show us is that it is okay to be a villain and use violence, as long as we do not get caught. On the other hand, it sometimes shows the producers idea of a what a happy family is, what a perfect life is. The T.V is probably one of the most influential tools the media uses. The commercials themselves can influence someone's happiness due to the way the products are being shown. For example, you typically see a skinny model for commercials that involve weight loss and exercising. It is showing that if you're not model skinny then you must not be happy. T.V. also, shows us that its okay to be a drug dealer and use drugs, even though the dealers get caught, little kids think its okay to use drugs. We use the drugs and violence as our own personal entertainment when we really shouldn't. There are kids out there who think that they should do the stuff they show on T.V., just so they can get on T.V. and be famous. Kids, they see or hear that their favorite celebrity is doing it, theres a chance that they could end imitating them because they think its cool. When they get caught ... ... middle of paper ... ...ecause traditions are usually things that you have been doing for years whether it be just you or your family. There are many different types of tradition, there are religious traditions, family traditions, etc. For example, Christmas some kids would expect to wake up Christmas morning to a bunch of presents under the tree, because they had gotten them every year since they were babies. Well, what if they didn't get presents one year? Traditions could most definitely influence someones happiness. In America and all over the world there has been a history of discrimination and prejudice against race, ethnicity, gender, and even religion. The discrimination and prejudice was and still is present in some places, whether it be against African Americans, Caucasian, male, female, Jews, etc.. For example, Hitler despised the Jews. The holocaust, the mass murder of Jews.

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