What Does The Renaissance Means and Where It Started

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What Renaissance means and where it started
The word “renaissance” means re-birth and also re-awakening. It also meant the activity, motion and even time of the big and great revival of not only art, but literature, learning, culture and science. Renaissance as a word symbolizes the revival of many aspects of life and also the transition from the medieval times to the modern times.
Renaissance started in the 14th century in the republic of Florence (“Firenze” in Italian) in the north of Italy.

The historical context of the Renaissance and what it involved
The renaissance was mainly a cultural movement which happened around between the 14th century and the 17th century. It began in Florence, Italy during the late middle ages and then spread around the whole of Europe. Renaissance can be labelled as a time when the interest for classical learning and values became a very big one. The renaissance era saw and witnessed the discoveries and also explorations of new continents, the replacement of the “Copernican” system of astronomy by the “Ptolemaic” system of astronomy, the ending of the medieval hierarchy system, the development and growth of commerce and it also saw the creation and application of many important inventions like paper, printing, a mariner’s compass and gunpowder. For the thinkers and also scholars of that age it was a time for the revival of classical learning and wisdom following an extended period of cultural decline and also inactivity.
By the 16th century, already having been spread to the rest of Europe, the Renaissance had already touched and changed the themes of literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, science, religion, and also other themes to do with the human’s inquiry. Scholars from this ...

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