What Does The Label Teacher As Researcher Mean?

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What does the label Teacher as Researcher mean and how does it apply to you? Teachers as Researchers is a form of ongoing professional development that allows teachers to refine their practice. Research allows teachers to investigate ways to increase their knowledge while they explore the rationale behind lessons and student behavior. Teachers who practice teacher research find that it expands and enriches their teaching skills and puts them in collaborative contact with peers that have a like interest in classroom research (Mills, 2002). Do you find research a valuable tool for addressing issues and solving problems? Research is a valuable tool because it allows me to gain insight on why students react and behave the ways they do. Also, it gives me an opportunity to explore other strategies that are proven to develop effective teaching practices. The only problem with research is most of the studies are conducted by individuals that are not in a classroom. I’m not questioning the validity of the research, but I believe it would be more beneficial if teachers were more flexible to...
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